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I've been coming to Taco Deli since they opened in the 90's. They are the best mom n pop restaurant in the city, and I love all their dishes. Go once and you'll become a repeat customer. Just too delicious.

- John P., Los Angeles, CA


Simply the best Mexican food on this side of town. Food is consistently tasty and fresh.

- David M., Las Vegas, NV


So fresh, love the chicken salad. And my new fave is the super grain taco. It's delish and totally vegan

- Erika C., Los Angeles, CA


I didn't have high expectations for this place and we loved it! Foods are cooked in organic coconut oil, we had a great juice as well as complimentary fresh squeezed OJ! The staff was so nice they even gave us a little slice of avocado with our meals. Breakfast for two including our beverages was only $14. Some places would've charged half that just for the juice! I have to say this place is worth a try :o)

- Marie H., Los Angeles, CA


Taco Deli in La Canada is the BEST place for fresh, good quality Mexican food in the area. The have great vegetarian options and offer healthy Mexican options too. We love their burritos and tacos. My kids love it too. The smoothies and juice bar are great. My husband and I are regulars for their fresh energy boost green juice after work outs. Family owned, friendly, great service.

- A R., San Marino, CA


I love their fish tacos so much, I eat there every week. They know me so well by now, I just walk in the door and they are already preparing my taco. I occasionally get their soup and once had the salad. Both were delicious. Every person I bring here, says the same thing. They just LOVE this place!

- Frances N., Tujunga, CA


I love the Guacamole, shrimp tacos, lemonade and the refreshing watermelon juice plus all the veggie smoothies at Taco Deli. Let me tell you...anything else you choose in the menu is healthy and delicious. I enjoy Taco Deli any time any day!

- Nahima B., Irvine, CA


BEST BREAKFAST BURRITOS EVER! Honestly forget Lucky boy and every other place you can possibly think of for breakfast burritos, come to Taco Deli and order a breakfast burrito with the green sauce, omg so delicious.. best thing on the menu for sure. I wouldnt order anything else haha Come try it out and you will not be dissapointed!

- Saida M., La Crescenta-Montrose, CA


I love love love this place!

My favorite is their breakfast burritos! They are awesome! They even cater to my "pickiness": egg whites, wheat tortilla, no salt! They are one of the few places in town who do.

The employees and owner are the best! They are always friendly and cheerful. They have taken the time to get to know me and my family. They always ask how my kids are doing and I appreciate that they pay enough attention to their customers to actually remember them.

My FAVORITE feature about Taco Deli? You can call your order in and they will bring it out to your car for you! As a mom of 2 little kids (both under 3), not having to unbuckle everybody, lug them inside and then back to the car to get buckled again - is a lifesaver! The conveniance of it is awesome!

My kids love the place too - they make a great breakfast quesadilla with eggs and cheese that is just right for them.

Oh - and I almost forgot to mention the orange juice. It is AMAZING!!! They fresh squeeze it to order, and if you order a breakfast item, they give you a mini cup for free!

- Amy J., La Crescenta-Montrose, CA


Taco Deli is awesome!!! I am addicted to their breakfast burritos and fresh orange juice. When I go in the staff is super friendly and cheerful and the place is always clean. If I go for lunch sometimes I just get a fresh squeezed juice and seriously about ten minutes later I feel healthy and king of the world! Thanks Julia to you and your girls. I love Taco Deli!!!!

- Dave J., La Crescenta-Montrose, CA


This is my favorite taco/burrito place hands down. I've been here a zillion times and everything i've ever ordered has been a hit...chicken quesadillas, veggie burritos, wild salmon fish tacos, shrimp bowls...it's all delicious. Everything is grilled rather than fried so it's healthy. They also have delicious fresh juices and smoothies. Carrot juice, beet juice, celery, yum!!! If you get a chance, try to get there before 11am to try their breakfast burritos...also fantastic!

- Nicole A., Pasadena, CA


I was out in the La Canada Flintridge area today, and my friend out there turned me on to a really great little mexican joint Right on Foothill and Gould called Taco Deli! fresh grilled steak and chicken tacos, burritos and quesadillas! Plus the place is modeled to look like an italian deli, which I find hilarious!

I cautiously ordered their Monster steak burrito with the fear I always have of a giant burrito falling apart in your hands and getting everywhere. Well this is definetly NOT the case at Taco Deli! their burrito is so sturdy you could cut it in half and hold it upside down and nothings falling out! The steak is seasoned perfectly and the salsa is tangy and flavorful without being too spicy.

If you ever find yourself on the 210 near the Gould exit, definetly check this spot out!

- Randy W., Valley Village, CA


I am becoming a firm believer that it is usually when you aren't hoping for great food, are you always impressed.  I went to get pedicures with Sarah on Friday and we decided we should eat even though neither of us were really hungry.  

She brought me to Taco Deli where nothing looked to exciting... I usually don't crave Mexican.  I ordered a "chicken bowl" and the thing was perfect!  The flavors, the portions, the lime they provide with their salsa.  It was so tasty but I didn't get that gross, heavy feel I usually get after eating Mexican.

It's very inexpensive and they have a good variety on their menu.  I look forward to coming back and trying other items as well.  

Also, it is family run and the staff there are really kind.  Always a plus!!

- Lilani E., Los Angeles, CA


I love Taco Deli! I must have driven by a thousand times before I finally decided to try it.  Their food is great. Love their lentil soup. It's a small mom and pop kind of place with authentic mexican. You can watch them cook your food and it's super fresh. I go their once a week often for takeout on the way home. Just call ahead to order or it can take a little time to get your food.
Nice staff too. Try it.

- Kelly M., Pasadena, CA


Love Taco Deli. When I want mexican but without the non process, non fast food, and fresh ingrediants - i come here. I heard that they use organic everything, but dont quote me on that. BUT they do make everything themselves, so it is super fresh. Either way, They dont make me feel bloated after I finish eating here. They are overpriced....sometimes depending on what you get, really overpriced. I only tried their tacos & burittos here. Their tacos & Burittos are just soooo good, and I always ask for extra hot sauce on the side. The workers are super nice, and never gave me any problems. Even when their other location, on Boston (its closed now), everyone said that they were rude. I never got that impression, so not sure what everyone else is talking about. Either way, Love this place. Everything is made on the spot and fresh

- Michelle M., Montrose, CA


Great healthy fresh Mexican food. I love their grilled fish burritos. They make great smoothies also. Although everyone that I see go in there like to order their fresh-squeezed lemonade. They run out quickly, so if you want to get the lemonade I would suggest going in for an early lunch. Parking can be hard during lunch time. Their lots are pretty messed up, small, and getting into them is complicated.

- B K., Altadena, CA

I have to say, I've never sampled the "deli" side of this place, and I'm not sure I know anyone who has. I think one of my friends ordered a sandwich once and it was good. Regardless, this has been one of my regular places before I went off to college. As multiple reviewers have noted, they have great beverages--perfect fresh-squeezed lemonade, horchata and smoothies.

My favorite is the shrimp burrito. It's plenty large (the monster version is larger if you're truly starved) and has a great combo of their sauce and fresh cabbage with the shrimp, rice and beans. The other burritos are just as good, and the tacos are good too if it a bit overpriced. The menu on the whole skews a little bit towards the pricey side of Mexican take-out but considering their location in La Canada I don't blame them. The owner is totally crazy, but service is usually fine if a bit slow. They cook and assemble right in front of you and their stuff is grilled and fresh.

Parking is minimal and they're closed on Sundays but otherwise they run a good business.

- Jack P., Saint Paul, MN

One of my favorite places for take-out. I went to highschool just down the street, so I have many memories of walking up Foothill Blvd to grab a burrito. The ingredients are really fresh, yet tasty, which is what I like so much about it. I crave Mexican food often and I often opt for Taco Deli because it's a fast, (relatively) healthy, and delicious choice. My usual is the chicken burrito with spicy salsa.

- Kristina H., Los Angeles, CA

Fantastic place for take out. There's not much place for you to sit and eat so plan on taking it away. They also have fantastic smoothies which seem more real than any type of Jamba Juice. Their burritos are huge and they also have fresh fruit plates. If you want mangos, they occasionally have fresh mangos there as well! They're extremely fast and you can also call in an order for pick up to beat the lunch hour lines.

- Eric C., Norfolk, VA

I am becoming a firm believer that it is usually when you aren't hoping for great food, are you always impressed. I went to get pedicures with Sarah on Friday and we decided we should eat even though neither of us were really hungry.

She brought me to Taco Deli where nothing looked to exciting... I usually don't crave Mexican. I ordered a "chicken bowl" and the thing was perfect! The flavors, the portions, the lime they provide with their salsa. It was so tasty but I didn't get that gross, heavy feel I usually get after eating Mexican.

It's very inexpensive and they have a good variety on their menu. I look forward to coming back and trying other items as well.

Also, it is family run and the staff there are really kind. Always a plus!!

- Lilani E., Los Angeles, CA

This place is it. If there ever was a 5 star hole in the wall fast food place, this is it. Best breakfast burrito I've ever had. Better than Lucky Boy in Pasadena, even! Everything is cooked healthy. Great shrimp tacos. Great burritos, especially the chicken burrito. Great healthy sandwiches on home made bread. The decor is sparse, with 10 or so tables and an order counter, but it works.

- The D., Laguna Beach, CA

I love their burritos, and their homemade lemonade is awesome; I have not ever ordered much else, though I know they offer sandwiches et al, which I'm sure are great also. Their food is very good-health-minded.

They say you can call in your order, but almost every time I have called in an order they either haven't picked up at all, or when they have they have put me on hold for several minutes.

Also it is not a very good hang; everything inside is clean and nice, but it's not a great place to stay and eat as all the tables are very close together and along one wall; not their fault, just the way the parcel is laid out, shotgun style. So, as someone else said, plan to take it with you.

They also close at 8pm most nights. 8pm? They may have done the calculations and perhaps the data shows it's not worth it to stay open late, but 8pm is really early for me, and I often get hungry late. Though the community of La Canada is generally not made up of single dudes like myself.

Despite a few drawbacks, I still give it a 4, because the food is fantastic and that's all that really matters in the long run.

- knox S., La Canada Flintridge, CA

wow, the food was VERY fresh, and very very tasty. i was actually really suprised because the service sucked and i think the owner has no idea what he is doing. get there fast before he runs it into the ground!!!!

try the chicken burrito and the steak tacos!! also, their lemonade is great as well as their salsa!

i will try to eat as much as possible before the close...okay, okay, i will be nice- maybe they will make it (wink wink).

- Tawny C., Pasadena, CA

It looks "plastic-y". The words of a good friend I took here. The place looks like a toy store. It's littered in green trim and it does look like the whole place was constructed with plastic.

Don't let the decor fool you though. They have great burritos and THE BEST FRESH SQUEEZED LEMONADE around. It's so darn good I go just to get that golden thirst quenching brew.

Try the Carne Asada burrito with sour cream or the shrimp burrito. I'm a burrito man but the tacos are just as good.

- Chris A., La Canada Flintridge, CA

Mmmm chicken burrito -mild, shrimp taco -spicy, nachos, turkey wraps....everything is fresh and healthy (..not really the nachos) and delicioussssssss.

- Annie P., La Canada Flintridge, CA

This place tastes SO good
I can really taste the freshness..
I ordered a shrimp bowl and it was the best, and only shrimp bowl I have ever had.
Except for Yoshinoya, but that doesn't really count.
My meal came with a watermelon chunk :-)
The owner was real nice
but they have real simple bowls and stuff.
Like Styrofoam!

- Heidi K., La Crescenta, CA

I used to go to Taco Deli in La Canada all the time in high school - I still associate it with senior year lunch outings and delicious breakfast burritos that filled my tummy. So imagine my surprise when I discovered they had opened up a second location in La Crescenta!

Taco Deli is just your neighborhood mom/pop place that serves Mexican and sandwiches...(Get it? Because their name is Taco Deli? Har har har...) It's located in this super new plaza (whose anchor store is this Korean shabu shabu place) and parking's a breeze.

I ordered a shrimp burrito and they brought out a monster instead (the burritos are bigger than I remember!). The filling was fresh and flavorful, it was loaded chock full of shrimp, it was grilled on both sides - it was just tasty. Not too bad with the price either - only $6.50 for the whole thing!

- Felicia C., La Canada Flintridge, CA

Two words: GREEN JUICE! I love their green juice soooo much! Their soft tacos are delicious and I like their veggie sandwhich and veggie tacos as well. Sometimes they don't have the green juice so I always call before going over there. There aren't many places to eat around Sunland/Tujunga (except for nasty Jack in the Crack and Taco Hell) so I'm grateful for Taco Deli. It's not expensive but it's not dollar menu either, the green juice will run you 6bucks for a large (that's including tax) but the food is fresh, made to order, and yummy!

Update: I really love the customer service here. The end.

- China B., Los Angeles, CA

love this place.

finally a taco place that doesn't make you feel so groggy and put you in an immediate food coma. I tend to order the taco combo plate and for the two tacos that come with it, it's surprisingly filling.

highly recommended when you don't want cheapy del taco or taco bell that just makes you feel horrible after your done.

- Alex K., Glendale, CA

Okay! SO I have been here several times, and everytime I am there I find a new favorite meal.....EVERYTHING is delicious! And so fresh! Where else can you go, especially in the Foothills to get some yummy, healthy food. What would I do without Taco Deli! To my complainer friend below, i dont know what you got, probably asked for a burrito without half of the ingredients, but their burritos are ginormous! And good food usually takes a little while BECAUSE it's from scratch:) If you want FAST food, go to Taco Bell. I, on the other hand, like quality food, so I go to Taco Deli.

- Angela K., Glendale, CA

Great place to have a fresh and healthy meal

- Julia S., Glendale, CA

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